About us

We have been minting your dreams into eternity for seven decades.

The Humble Beginnings

Almost seven decades ago in Opicina, near Trieste, Anton and Angelica Malalan sold their only cow, cleared out the small barn, and remodelled it into the family watchmaking workshop. Soon after they started trading in jewellery and the business grew by the year. Due to their reliable service, kind attitude towards their clients, and exceptional offer their store became a synonym for quality, first in the area around Trieste and then all over Slovenia.

Good Reputation Reaches from Trieste … to Ljubljana!

In the time during and after the Second World War, the local economy in Trieste was kept afloat by American soldiers who commissioned locals to do everything from laundry to mending shoes. Those with better entrepreneurial skills were thus able to acquire some money which they frequently exchanged for jewellery or watches in the shop owned by the Malalan family. Successful and sound trading as well as excellent repair services led Anton and Angelica Malalan to slowly leave their small workshop and after several relocations they occupied the wonderful location in the heart of Opicina, by the tramway.

Three diligent sons aided their parents in the continuation of successful work. The oldest, Darko, was trained as a watchmaker in Switzerland; the middle son, Milko, became the first optician in Opicina, while the youngest, Peter, attended the school for goldsmiths in Piemonte. Together they continued the family business after their parents retired. Due to a large number of Slovenian clients they started thinking about expanding beyond the border, to their homeland of Slovenia. Ljubljana lacked a larger jewellery store in the early 1990s and that is how the Malalan family with their shop began setting new standards of prestige in the capital.

Opening of the First Store in Ljubljana

Their first shop was opened at Mestni trg 19, only a few steps away from the present location. On a modest 50 square metres they designed an elegant store in the basement of which they repaired watches and made their own jewellery. Ever since its Triestine beginnings Draguljarna Malalan has represented the Swiss brand IWC, which was soon joined in Ljubljana by Audemars Piguet, Breitling, Zenith, Bulgari, Pomellato, and last but not least the leading world brand of wristwatches Rolex. The expansion of their offer brought about the need for new premises, and so Peter and Karmen Malalan relocated the boutique of Draguljarna Malalan to Mestni trg 21. Since then the store has been enlarged and upgraded with their own goldsmith atelier and one of the best equipped watchmaking workshops in Europe.

The Epicentre of Prestige in Zagreb

Over the last two decades, Draguljarna Malalan has become a place where connoisseurs of luxurious jewellery and watches from all over the world meet to learn about the craftsmanship of the masterpieces or simply to chat. A clear vision and in-depth understanding of the trade have greatly aided the idea for the name Malalan to shine above the door of a new epicentre of prestige, which was opened at the end of 2016 in the heart of the Croatian capital, Zagreb. In the contemporary and spacious premises sophisticated connoisseurs of watches and jewellery are pampered by a well-tuned team of experts in these marvellous crafts.