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The allure of watch and jewellery making is not hidden solely in the exclusive materials and the fact that the pieces of jewellery and wristwatches are frequently available only in very limited editions: it is the stories written by the rich tradition, commitment to absolute quality, and attention to the smallest detail that makes them so special and unique. These special moments inspire both the visitors and masters of the trade, as well as watchmaking and jewellery connoisseurs.


What is a Good Movement?

The movement is the heart of each and every timepiece, and can even play the part of its engine, just as in a car. In the automotive industry, collaboration between brands occurs fairly frequently: a good example of such collaboration is Renault which makes the basis for certain drive units for Mercedes, while Maserati’s petrol engines are the result of Ferrari’s technique and so on. Nevertheless, these vehicles retain their extremely prestigious status by upgrading the basics provided by another brand, through unique interior design, their own exterior aesthetics, and above all: completely unique driving specifics.


The Ring: A Symbol of Love and Affection

People have always shown their affection in different ways – with poetry, paintings and sculptures, or by gifting different presents in the shape of bouquets, trinkets or even jewelry. By giving presents, we win favours, apologize and, of course – we propose.


Claude Emmenegger: I’m Back Among Friends

We talked to the chief designer of the watch manufacturer Audemars Piguet in his studio, which is located in one of the epicenters of the Swiss watchmaking industry, the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Once upon a time, Karl Marx called it the city-factory due to its characteristic architecture, strictly meant for manufacture and assembly of mechanical timepieces. Today, the city houses several renowned watchmaking houses, development workshops and design studios.


Travelogue: Brazil Through the Prism of a Jeweler

Peter and Karmen Malalan, at the invitation of the local gemmological association from the town Teófilo Otoni, travelled to the warm Brazil, the mineral paradise. Throughout the country, but mostly in the eastern part, rich deposits of emeralds, diamonds, aquamarines and other rare gemstones can be found.