Cherry Blossom Ring
Ref: DAC3004-FLOWS-EBB9R-54

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Nature’s creatures have always been DoDo’s most precious love. The eco-jeweler crafts its Animal jewels from rose, yellow or white gold and hand-finishes them with precious stones or bright enamel markings. Precious metals are shaped and finished with colored enamel or gemstones, as DoDo expresses its love for nature with vibrant flowers, waterdrops, rainbows and more.


9 kt Rose Gold




2 years

Dodo is the beloved Italian 'charming jewelry' brand. Its distinctive line of jewels and charms communicates the brand's values, builds communities and encapsulates special moments. The Milan House's chic, ready-to-wear jewels are designed to be layered, stacked and mixed-and-matched, to elevate the everyday look for a modern woman. Sustainable since its inception, and partnering with organizations to protect the environment, Dodo is one of the first jewelers to use 100% responsible gold in all its creations.

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