Essentials Necklace
Product number: DCB7000-CHAIN-0009R-40

Essentials Necklace
Ref: DCB7000-CHAIN-0009R-40

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Italian brand DoDo is among the world leaders when it comes to making trendy jewellery appropriate for everyday wear yet not lacking a strong story and containing a deep message. Each and every one of their pieces hides a deeper meaning, everything from love and luck to friendship and freedom.
DoDo is the fine Italian jewellery brand of responsible-gold charms and jewels with an open and environmentalist spirit. Eco-conscious DoDo was founded with philanthropy and nature preservation at its heart, while the brand promotes inclusivity and self-expression for women and men of all orientations. DoDo jewels are mix-and-matchable, customisable or ready-to-wear, gifted to commemorate life’s special moments or act as self-chosen symbols.

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Jewellery signed by Malalan has its charm that is by many people connected to the rich family tradition.