Blaž Abe

Rolex Never Ceases to Amaze

Blaž Abe
Expectations arising from the presentation of new models by the watchmaking giant are always high. Masses of Rolex admirers, which grow bigger every year, speculate about novelties and get their imagination going. Indeed, time and again we are amazed at what is revealed when the curtain is lifted.

This year, again, Rolex surprised and additionally spiced up its excellence and innovativeness.

GMT-Master II in a Completely New Version

This year’s biggest surprise is the new Rolex GMT-Master II. It presents the combination of a black dial, black-green bezel, and steel case. Owing to its green colour, nicknames arising from popular drinks brands, such as Sprite and even Starbucks, have started to appear. There has been much talk about the new GMT, including its potential bezel colour combinations. A peculiarity this time is found in the position of the crown and date display which are, and not by chance, placed to the left side of the watch.

It is not only a cosmetic touch-up, since the shift also dictates technical adjustments to the movement of calibre 3285, in order for the watch to continue to meet the chronometer standard. Generally, the crown on the left side of the timepiece means that the watch is intended for left-handed people (who compose only about ten per cent of the population). Other specifications follow Rolex’s guidelines with the Oyster bracelet, Chromalight luminescence, and ceramic bezel.

Rolex Air-King, the Perfect Balance

The green colour is also one of the key features of the Rolex Air-King model. This watch has the honour of bearing the brand’s name in its main colour. The legendary watch dedicated to the flying pioneers received a complete makeover of the form of the case and the winding crown’s guard, which was not part of its predecessor from 2016. The winding crown guard has straight sides, such as can be found in other Rolex watches in their professional line.

The dial also acquired perfect balance with the addition of a “0” before “5” on the minutes scale. A new impetus is given to this aviation icon by the latest movement of calibre 3230.

The legendary watch dedicated to the flying pioneers received a complete makeover of the form of the case and the winding crown’s guard, which was not part of its predecessor from 2016.

Day-Date 40, Fresh Combinations of Colours and Materials

It has been a rule until now that fluted bezels are reserved for models made of gold. However, they can now be found on 36 or 40-millimetre Rolex Day-Date watches made from platinum too. Rolex also presents numerous new combinations in the precious metals line.

Intriguing, for example, is the gold Day-Date with a green dial. The light blue dial ‘Ice Blue’, however, continues to be available only in models made of platinum and announces that this is something special. 

Yacht-Master and the Allure of Precious Stones

Two new models in the Rolex Yacht-Master Collection have also seen the light of day. The new version of the Yacht-Master 42 is now available for the first time in 18 ct yellow gold, since it was previously only made in 18 ct white gold. The smaller Yacht-Master 40 is inspired by the aurora borealis and the light of dawn.

The case made of 18 ct white gold is adorned with a bezel made of 40 precious stones cut in the shape of a trapeze. To break the sequence, a triangularly cut diamond is placed at the top. The case features another 46 diamonds, imbedded from the lugs to the winding crown guard.

Datejust in a Flowery Apparel

The greatest creativity on the dial is brought about by the Rolex Datejust 31. The interlacement of 24 floral motifs with diamonds at the centre brings a splash of new energy to the timepiece and calls for summer.

The freshness is also revealed in the interior since the watch is powered by the technologically perfected perpetual calibre 2236 movement. The new Datejust 31 is also available in yellow and Everose gold.