Malalan Ljubljana

Draguljarna Malalan started out in Slovenia more than 30 years ago, almost as a “pop-up” store with the purpose of presenting items from the then extremely successful boutique located just across the Italian border, in Opicina near Trieste.

What followed were several decades of hard work with the clear vision of what the name Malalan was to become, i.e. a synonym for excellence in the world of jewels, jewellery, and wristwatches, while the development of the company naturally followed this clearly defined path.

Malalan Ljubljana: Where Time Runs Differently

We believe that the most important moments in life deserve more. More privacy, a more individual approach, more time, more light, and more space. With this in mind, we designed a space where time runs differently.

The exterior gradually changed: the space designated for product presentation at Mestni trg was significantly enlarged, part of its exterior was refreshed and some more life was brought to the store on neighbouring Krojaška ulica. The most noticeable change outside is the opening with a window display that strongly contributes to the airiness of the interior; the new display windows have allowed us more space for the presentation of watches and jewellery in the boutique.

The ground floor has been thoroughly altered primarily due to the new, purified look of the whole interior that is now supplemented by velvety red, the hallmark of the new name in Draguljarna Malalan’s selection of partners, the Cartier brand. The elegance brough into the space by the gleaming Cartier sign creates a captivating dialogue between French romance and Swiss precision and only adds to the Draguljarna Malalan slogan: We forge your dreams into eternity.

About Malalan Ljubljana

  • VAT Number: SI72916175

We believe that the most important moments in life deserve more. More privacy, a more individual approach, more time, more light, and more space. 

Where Time Stops

The premises at 21 Mestni trg, have not only been refurbished; the changes to the old bourgeois building have significantly enlarged the space meant for you. The clean line of the staircase beckons us to the first floor, but does not reveal a clue to the room we are entering until we reach the top with only a few more steps around the massive wall along which we are climbing.

We enter one big room in which we encounter a pleasant conversation about a gift for a loved one, a serious debate about the technical innovations of Swiss timepieces, and where we are welcomed by soothing music and a glass of sparkling wine in the atmosphere of familiarity we have been crafting for you for more than seven decades. Time stops in the Draguljarna Malalan living room and we are honoured to share such an experience with you.