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Nejc Puš
The Malalan Watchmaking Workshop holds the trust of the world’s biggest watch-making names, such as Rolex, Cartier, Audemars PiguetOmegaBreitlingIWC, Zenith, Tudor and more.

We provide the most undeviating and consistent quality in mechanical timepiece maintenance and repair; with state-of-the-art infrastructure, we guarantee that you will receive a top quality, fast and uncompromisingly performed maintenance and restoration of your timepieces.

Maintaining a Watch at an Official Service Point

The maintenance of your timepiece should only be trusted to authorized professionals who have tools that are approved and often made by manufacturers themselves, as well as access to original spare parts.

As certified service centre we are sufficiently qualified to guarantee our work quality by providing a warranty. With this, our workshop sends a message that we are well equipped, that we regularly update our knowledge and attend trainings; and that within our service facilities, we provide adequate conditions to perform our services at the highest level.

Service your watch at Malalan Watchmaking Workshop
The main goal of maintenance is to ensure appropriate precision of the movement, where the balance wheel is of key importance. It turns almost a million times a day. Watchmakers set its functioning with the utmost care and test it electronically several times.
A relationship with a wristwatch starts before we actually become its owner. The watch is a part of the family legacy and it will only serve the generations to come if we take proper care of it. Service your watch at Malalan Watchmaking Workshop.
Mechanism status checks, cleaning of components and oiling should be carried out once every 3 years. If your wristwatch is often exposed to salt or chlorinated water, you should check the condition of the gaskets once a year. When the timepiece has operated for 5 years, a complete revision of the wristwatch is required.
Watchmaking masters check the status of every single component and they either renew or replace it. By doing so, we ensure that the timepiece functions as accurately as possible, and we prevent significant damage to the mechanism, which could lead to more complex procedures and consequently higher costs.
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Malalan is official service point for Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Audemars Piguet and many more. If you believe that your watch needs to be serviced or you just want to check if everything works well, please contact us at
Malalan - Official Rolex Service Center

The Water-Resistance of a Watch

In the Malalan watchmaking workshop we often get wristwatches which due to gasket damage, often the result of blows or irregular maintenance, have had their water-resistance diminished or have even lost it. Many people are not aware of the importance of efficient water-resistance, nevertheless, water is one of the factors which can cause severe damage to or completely destroy the dial, hands, and the sensitive movement of a wristwatch.

The movement is protected from external influences by the case and the greatest part of the surface where water can penetrate the interior of the watch are the two parts where the central case touches the glass and the caseback. The parts that are moved during the operation of the watch are also very exposed: the winding crown and the chronograph pushers. These are often screwed to the case to ensure the marked water-resistance.

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Service your Rolex watch at Malalan

Renewal of the Case and Metal Bracelet

When you hand your wristwatch over to our sales personnel in Ljubljana or Zagreb, they send it to one of the workshops where the watch is first examined. According to its state, we can estimate the scope of work needed and which parts will have to be restored or changed.

We decide together with you whether the procedure will include a complete revision or just a refreshment or a complete restoration of the case. After that, the work begins with the disassembly of the entire watch: the bracelet is detached from the case and the mechanism is removed, as well as the glass, the winding crown, and push-pieces.

When we are only dealing with the visual refreshment or restoration of the timepiece’s exterior, the movement is not taken apart but is kept in a protected chamber almost to the end of all procedures. All parts of the case and bracelet are appropriately cleaned, following which the restoration of bigger indentations begins.

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