Careers at Malalan d.o.o.

We believe that an exceptional team is one of the most significant elements for the achievement of exceptional results. As an employer, we offer opportunities for growth in various fields, from sales, marketing, watchmaking, goldsmithing, and design to administration, information technology, and the like.

Highly motivated, expertly trained teams with high self-initiative are ready to welcome new members at our sales points, in the specialised goldsmithing atelier, the watchmaking service centre, and in the marketing and administration department.

Application process

We are currently looking for reinforcements for the positions listed below.

Write to us at, the same e-mail address is appropriate for all jobs. Please don’t forget to say which job at Draguljarna Malalan you are applying for and include a document containing your CV and description of your work experience as an attachment.

You can contact us at any time if you believe that you can add value to our company with other knowledge and skills. We look forward to receiving your message.

Marketing: Marketing assistant

Location: Mestni trg 21, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Marketing is assuming an increasingly important role within Malalan d.o.o.. We require reinforcements in the field of text and photo-video content, online marketing, SEO optimisation, digital advertising, design, and event management.

Due to the dynamic work and small team your job will be broadly set and divided between several different activities. Write to us via e-mail and summarise your experience and skills –even if you do not meet all the competencies listed below or can provide some that are not on the list.


Key competences of a marketing assistant:

- Excellent knowledge of English and Slovenian, ideally also Croatian;

- Knowledge of Google Webmasters;

- Experience in eCommerce;

- Experience in SEO optimisation;

- Experience of managing and advertising on social networks;

- Knowledge of Adobe tools;

- Experience in text preparation.

Highly motivated, expertly trained teams with high self-initiative are ready to welcome new members of Malalan d.o.o.

Sales: Salesperson for watches and jewellery

Location: Mestni trg 21, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The work in the Malalan d.o.o. sales team primarily requires high emotional intelligence and in-depth knowledge of the products in our selection. The work is arranged in two shifts and includes direct contact with customers, communication with them over the phone and e-mail, keeping the store in perfect shape, and communication with other departments.

Key competences of a salesperson:

- Experience in sales;

- Knowledge and understanding of etiquette;

- Being well versed in written and verbal expression in Slovenian and English.

- Additional languages are desirable;

- Basic knowledge of the watchmaking and jewellery industries;

- Proven track record in team sales.

Malalan Ljubljana

Administration: Brand manager

Location: Mestni trg 21, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The administrative part of the operations of Malalan d.o.o. is perceived as the basis for the successful work of the sales, service-production, and marketing teams. We are looking for a person who will help in the quality management of stock and its optimisation with his or her technical knowledge and rich experience.

Key competences of a brand manager:

- At least 3 years of experience in inventory management;

- Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Excel tool;

- Experience with the Power Query and Power BI tools are desired;

- Ability to learn new functions independently;

- Self-initiative in work process optimisation and acquisition of new skills.


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