Draguljarna Malalan started out in Slovenia more than 30 years ago, almost as a “pop-up” store with the purpose of presenting items from the then extremely successful boutique located just across the Italian border, in Opicina near Trieste. What followed were several decades of hard work with the clear vision of what the name Malalan was to become, i.e. a synonym for excellence in the world of jewels, jewellery, and wristwatches, while the development of the company naturally followed this clearly defined path.

MALALAN družba za proizvodnjo in trgovino z zlatom in dragimi kamni, urarstvo, optika, starinarnica, d.o.o., Ljubljana

VAT number: 72016175
Registration number: 1319728000

We believe that the most important moments in life deserve more. More privacy, a more individual approach, more time, more light, and more space. With this in mind, we designed a space where time runs differently.