Jure Lenarčič

Gentlemen: On Watch Movements

Jure Lenarčič
During a pleasant Sunday debate a few months ago, the word timepiece popped up. In a very gentlemanly manner, my two partners in conversation continued the discussion about the timepieces that adorn their wrists. This time, one of the most listened-to podcasts in Slovenia moved into the Draguljarna Malalan headquarters, where we enjoyed a lively exchange of opinions about how special the world of mechanical timepieces really is.

This episode of the Gospoda podcast began with Godler’s constant of running late and continued with the use of the chronograph in the preparation of poached eggs...

Wristwatches in the “Mehanizem” episode

In the debate about wristwatches, Jure Godler and David Urankar wear timepieces by Breitling. Godler’s classically polished appearance is supplemented by the Breitling Chronomat 36 with a white dial and recently refreshed "Rouleaux" bracelet, while the David Urankar’s sporty elegant image is rounded off with the Breitling Aviator 8 in the special “Mosquito” edition.

This year’s news from Breitling can be found on this link.

Movement precision and wristwatch waterproofness

Gospoda, the two gentlemen that is, emphasise precision as an important factor in mechanical timepieces: the most precise movements are certified for chronometer precision by the independent institute COSC, which many manufacturers frequently indicate on the dials of their watches with great pride. To acquire this certificate, each piece of the movement has to undergo a several-week-long test with an average daily error smaller than -4 or +6 seconds. Despite the fact that only 2% of Swiss watches manage to acquire the COSC certificate, each and every timepiece by Breitling can proudly show off this prestigious mark.

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The debate also evolves around waterproofness and indeed, many people wonder why we shouldn’t swim with a watch waterproof to 3 bar of water pressure. The answer requires an understanding of basic laws of physics. While swimming, we move through water with a certain speed which, despite the low depth, affects the wristwatch with a significantly larger pressure than 3 bar, which is generally measured at a depth of 30 metres.

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