Tjaša Malalan
Jana Šnuderl

How to Choose the Correct Size of an Engagement Ring?

Tjaša Malalan
Jana Šnuderl
A million questions arise in a man’s mind when thinking about an engagement. Some answers, like the place where you will pop the question, can be very simple, while others require more deliberation.

Your engagement surprise can be significantly marked by a small, yet very important detail: the incorrect size of the engagement ring. If you choose one that is too big, the lady might lose it; if you select one that is too small, you could end up temporarily placing the engagement ring on her pinkie. For a thorough preparation for the purchase of a ring, we have compiled some advice on how to find the right ring in a selected jewellery store.

1. Borrow a ring she already wears

One of the simplest ways to determine the size of her ring finger without her knowing is to temporarily borrow one of her old rings. First, pay close attention to which ring she wears on which finger and then search through her jewellery box to find the right one and “snatch” it for a short while.

Do not forget to make sure that she indeed wears that particular ring on her ring finger – since this is the finger designated for an engagement ring. We strongly recommend that you take the ring to the jeweller’s to have the size measured, since this will help make the sizing more precise. If, however, time is not on your side and the lost ring could spoil the surprise, place the ring on a sheet of paper and draw its inside circle on the paper with a pen.

This technique is far from reliable, so please be as accurate as possible and make sure your hand is steady.

Keep in mind: the size of an engagement ring with one diamond can be subsequently adjusted. In the unfortunate case of a wrong choice, the ring can be replaced for another of appropriate size.

2. Call her friend for help

Let’s be honest, ladies’ chats have no limits and it is her friends who can easily and with a bit of ingenuity determine the size of your loved one’s ring finger. Women have the ability to casually try on various ring sizes during random shopping trips or just exchange some of their favourite rings during a relaxed chat.

It could happen that the dimension is not an exact match; nevertheless, the size of the ring will still become much clearer. Just make sure that the exciting news of your imminent proposal is not revealed to your loved one by her friend before you decide on this important step in your relationship.

3. Measure by string

We suggest that those of a more daring nature try a somewhat more demanding ventures, such as measuring the ring finger of your sweetheart with a piece of string while she sleeps. Wrap the string carefully around her ring finger and mark where both ends meet.

Be careful not to make the string too tight and pay attention to her knuckles since with some women they can be wider. Furthermore, be careful not to waken the sleeping beauty during your endeavour. Those with a more technical bent, sometimes even use a vernier calliper.

4. Bring her to the jeweller’s

The best tested and most reliable way to determine the correct ring size is to bring her right to the jeweller’s. Suggest that she try on a bracelet or a necklace and allow the seller to show her and place one of the rings on her finger.

This way you can easily remember which one fits the best and, in addition, you have experts at hand who will immediately record the right dimensions.

Regardless of the manner you choose, don’t worry too much. Keep your mind on the right surprise and if the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, it can be easily made bigger or smaller at Malalan in Ljubljana or Zagreb.