Recommended by Malalan: Seasonal Gifts

Holiday presents are often a lovely expression of affection, yet frequently have a relatively short life. A cake is eaten the same day it is received, scented candles slowly burn out, and a bottle of perfume is emptied, while a thoughtfully selected watch, ring or bracelet stays with us forever. Hence, we have put together a few suggestions for gifts to present to your loved ones or to treat yourself with.

If you’re in a hurry, the majority of pieces can be ordered in the Malalan online store; however, you are always welcome with our specialists in all three of our Malalan stores.

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Ladies and gentlemen, remember: you can always give yourself a gift without feeling guilty!

New Year’s Gifts for Her

The two of you have just had a year filled with true love and now it’s time to surprise her with a really special gift. When choosing a gift for a woman, it is crucial to match the watch or piece of jewellery with her personality. White gold best suits certain ladies, while pink or yellow gold is becoming on others; some are partial to calm aesthetics, and many swear by timeless classics, while others prefer something that simply stands out. 

Since gentlemen, too, have their own guidelines when choosing jewellery, we included among our suggestions a special collection of the most affordable jewellery pieces.

Jewellery Classics: Gold Jewellery

Ladies who swear by the enduring aesthetics of classical jewellery pieces will enjoy these handmade masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship, which are often set with diamonds or colourful precious stones of the highest quality.

We have selected a few best-selling classics: bracelets, necklaces, and rings made of gold with precious stones of different colours.


Watchmaking Classics: Women’s Watches

Almost a must in the collection of every woman is a wristwatch. Selected here are those that have been adorning women’s wrists for decades, never going out of fashion. Women’s watches are something that is often valued by both ladies and gentlemen – the latter due to their technical perfection and the former due to their timelessly elegant forms.

Tudor Clair de Rose

Jewellery with Colourful Precious Stones

The deep green colour of malachite, lively purple hues of amethyst jewellery, sky-blue rings with aquamarine or every possible shade of grey of the pieces set with obsidian and black diamonds are just a few pieces of the wide selection of jewellery into which precious stones of all possible colours and shapes are set.

Pomellato Nudo

Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend but are also a perfect symbol of eternity. Be it everlasting love in the form of a diamond engagement ring or an addition to the family jewellery collection that will last forever, a diamond is a perfect gift for almost every occasion. 

This festive season, we recommend the following jewels.

New Year’s Gifts for Him

Gentlemen value their ladies but are also often attached to various mechanical masterpieces. Among them watches are frequently found; however, with an immensely wide selection of dimensions and function or complications, it can be really hard to decide.

As a rough guide you can use the suggestions below and if you have any questions, you can contact us or visit one of our boutiques.

Cufflinks and Bracelets

The chosen wristwatch is frequently matched with colour-synchronised cufflinks, while increasingly more often gentlemen are also wearing bracelets, which can be found in abundance in the Malalan selection.

In addition to gold, titanium is also a favourite choice of men and many swear by details with black diamonds.


Men’s Sports Watches

A sports watch is practically an essential companion for most men. Aviation buffs often wear pilot’s watches and divers pride themselves on their diver's watch during their dives, in addition to the electronic diver’s version, while travellers prefer the watches with a GMT function.

The selection of watches below offers a watch for every wrist, even the ladies’!

Elegant Men’s Watches

Watches with somewhat more elegant features are frequently also found on men’s wrists even when the occasion does not dictate strictly elegant apparel. Such watches are mostly equipped with a date and day display, the complex functions of an annual or perpetual calendar, and some even with a tourbillon complication.