Blaž Abe

Breitling SuperOcean: More Than Just a Diver’s Watch

Blaž Abe
Breitling is certainly a synonym for pilot’s watches. However, this in no way means that everything revolves around airplane propellers and chronographs. The Swiss manufacturer also has a rich history of diver’s watches reaching back to 1957. The new Breitling SuperOcean model is more than just a diver’s watch.

In the 1960s, the exploits of the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau fuelled the boom in sports diving. In the time spent underwater, minutes are crucial. Hence, the new SuperOcean is adorned with an internal minute timeline that provides the contrast for the best possible readability underwater. The designers of the House of Breitling wanted to create a timepiece that is a true diver’s watch in form but with the style for any occasion.

Underwater, Among the Waves, or in the Sea Breeze

The result of the carefully planned work is a sports watch with the elements of its historical predecessor called Slow Motion, which exceeds diving functionalities. It will also suit your wrist while surfing, swimming, or dining in a seafood restaurant. In accordance with current trends, you can choose from a selection of light-coloured dials, while its flexibility to suit any occasion is revealed in four case sizes: it is available in 46, 44, 42, and 36 millimetres.

The case comes in steel, a combination of steel and gold, and bronze versions. With the 44- and 42-millimetre sizes, Breitling used a special metal that provides excellent protection from corrosion and will in time develop a unique patina, while the case guarantees waterproofness to pressure equal to a depth of 300 metres. Worries about scratching the bezel are now history due to a ceramic inlay. Unlike with other sizes, the bezel of the 46-millimetre timepiece rotates in two directions thanks to a patented safety catch. The Breitling SuperOcean is shock-, sand-, and seawater-resistant.

The new SuperOcean is adapted to our time and absolutely has a seconds hand, this one adorned with a special round element for better readability. 

When Design-Wise Everything is in Place

In the past, diver’s watches did not have seconds hands, since divers simply didn’t need them in their work. The new SuperOcean is adapted to our time and absolutely has a seconds hand, this one adorned with a special round element for better readability. It pays tribute to the historical Slow Motion model, which featured a circle at the bottom of the dial that signalled with the changing of colours whether the minutes chronograph is on, off, or stopped.

The minutes hand with a square indicates that this is a watch at home in the sea. Great readability is ensured by the marks on the dial, which, just like the hands, are coated with Super-LumiNova luminescence. The new Breitling SuperOcean watch can have a rubber strap or a metal bracelet. You can look forward to perfect comfort on your wrist since the foldable clasp enables micro adjustments of the size of up to 15 millimetres.