FOPE presents the first men’s jewellery collection

The Fope brand is world-renowned for its unique and elegant jewellery, made exclusively out of 18-carat gold, which was until recently primarily intended for the ladies. The Flex`it system, which is the embodiment of the unique elegance of Fope jewellery, is now also available for gentlemen in suitable sizes and with a more masculine temperament.

Take a look at cufflinks, bracelets, and necklaces with a unique aesthetic note, signed by the Italian FOPE.

For the Italian manufacturer with a 90-year-old tradition stepping into the world of men’s jewellery was in no way a coincidence. Designers noticed the Fope bracelet next to a watch on many a male wrist and, as it turned out, gentlemen have been gifting an 18-carat rose gold bracelet of a “feminine” size to the ladies, while affording themselves, for example, one made out of white gold and adorned with black diamonds, which is an ideal fit for their wrist.

Therefore, the designers have added new items to the Prima, Solo, Vendôme, Panorama, and Eka collections that are specifically intended for men.


Cufflinks, flexible rings, and diamond bracelets

In addition to the men’s jewellery collection, the Italian jewellery manufacture has also presented cufflinks with remarkably interesting details. For example, the Solo cufflinks’ black diamonds have been imbedded in an “upside-down” manner, thus giving them an exceptionally modern appearance.

Seeing how diamonds are first and foremost a lady’s best friend, FOPE also thought of the aesthetic harmony of the gentlemen’s details with those worn by the fairer sex.

For example, the black “princess” diamonds in the Vendôme cufflinks are a perfect match for the ladies’ earrings from the same collection.

FOPE bracelets can be put on as if they were made of rubber or other elastic material.

What the entire men’s collection has in common is the use of black diamonds and several angular hexagonal gold details, coated with black rhodium, giving it a distinctively urban, almost industrial appearance.

It is extremely important for the gentlemen that the bracelets do not seem too ladylike, which is why FOPE uses weaves from the Panorama collection that are a tad wider and, therefore, in addition to exceptional comfort, give off a special aesthetic note. 

Fope Panorama Bracelet

Ancient craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology

The bracelets and rings from the FOPE men’s collection have been manufactured by using the Flex`it technology that, in an exceptionally innovative manner, enables the jewellery to be comfortably worn throughout the day because its “elasticity” makes it extremely comfortable and, at the same time, eliminates the need to fasten the bracelets. They can be put on as if they were made of rubber or other elastic material.

Ancient goldsmithing skills and state-of-the-art robotic technology are intertwined in the workshops of the Fope brand: a part of the manufacture of this exceptionally technically perfect jewellery is handled by machines that are a closely guarded secret, considering the fact that they have been specifically developed and manufactured for the Fope brand.

Namely, the Flex`it technology was developed more than 70 years ago, while the patent for it and its updated version has been owned by them since 2007.

Tens of golden springs that have been carefully hidden inside the golden weave provide FOPE bracelets with complete flexibility, thus placing the brand among the most interesting ones in the industry.

The presentation of the men’s jewellery collection has been commemorated with a short film

As part of the presentation of the men’s jewellery line, the Italian director Romeo Conte has collaborated with the FOPE brand to record a short video that fully encompasses his idea of a charming, eclectic, and cosmopolitan man with a powerful personality who, in spite of everything, is clearly in touch with his emotions. The FOPE man is one of style, happy and satisfied being himself every single day.