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Blaž Abe

Tudor to Spin the Wheels of Professional Cycling

Blaž Abe
One of the leading names of the watchmaking industry and a Swiss legend of road cycling are joining strengths. The logotype of the Tudor brand will thus also be admired in the world of professional cycling and the all-Swiss team will be led by Fabian Cancellara, two times Olympic and several times world champion.
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Completely in Sync

The story of the House of Tudor is completely in sync with the vision drafted by its founder Hans Wilsdorf, who had previously founded the today biggest watchmaking brand, Rolex, upon the registration of the brand in 1926. Watchmaking has always been pushing the limits of the possible. 

Within the miniature timepiece in the wrist hides years of development and mighty engineering. The same is true for cycling, in which athletes have to battle many different physical and psychological challenges to achieve top condition and consequently excellent results.

In the peloton, the Tudor team will be recognised by their black jerseys decorated by two simple red Tudor shields on the front and back.

Cycling and Watchmaking Working Hand in Hand

When announcing the team, Cancellara told the media that Switzerland deserves its own cycling team. Tudor thus appears to be an ideal partner that will lend the newly formed team its name. The brand’s slogan, #borntodare, is actually ideal for the entry into the sport marked by steep climbs, often extremely fast descents, and, above all, sprints typical of road cycling. Road cycling is primarily a battle against time and one of the greatest names of the watchmaking industry is more than synchronous with the entire philosophy of this sport.

In the peloton, the Tudor team will be recognised by their black jerseys decorated by two simple red Tudor shields on the front and back. Equipment will be provided by Swiss cycling companies, headed by the main technical partner BMC, which will supply the bikes.

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Tudor soon at the Tour de France?

Tudor Pro Cycling harbours serious ambitions to thwart plans at the top of professional cycling. They want to assemble a team of cyclists who will strive for constant improvement and team spirit as well as significantly exceed the level of current competitors. Tudor believes that they can succeed in doing so under the leadership of Fabian Cancellara. Daring? Certainly, they take the #borntodare slogan dead seriously.

“We are ready for invitations, probably for the Tour de Romandie or the Tour de Suisse, but we would like to take the time to build (a team); companies do not become a million-dollar business in one day, we always need time and patience,” experienced Cancellara told the media.

For the first time under the name Tudor Pro Cycling they will appear at one of the oldest cycling races, Paris-Roubaix, in the U23 category. They will continue racing in the UCI Continental rank and would like to register very soon for competitions at the highest level in professional cycling, the UCI ProTeam. It is their goal that we will be able to see them at the greatest cycling races in 2024, including at the Tour de France.

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