Blaž Abe

Tudor 2023 Novelties

Blaž Abe

Tudor continue to build their selection of contemporary timepieces that do not hide the inspiration taken from the past and are based on values outlined by the founder of the watchmaking house of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf. This time, they gave an attractive refreshment to the Black Bay line, which is the main flagship of the manufacture.

A completely new Black Bay 54 model stands out most and is a modern variant of Tudor’s first divers’ watch under the reference 7922 from 1954, long ago.

New Black Bay 54

The Tudor Black Bay Collection is becoming friendlier for smaller wrists. The first step in this direction was the presentation of the Black Bay 58 watch with a case measuring 39 millimetres, while this year it is joined by the Black Bay 54 with a smaller, 37mm case. 

Compared to classic models from this collection in the 41-mm case, the Black Bay 54 has acquired a hint of elegance and discretion. It will be interesting for those who swear by smaller divers’ watches and those who want a contemporary and robust timepiece with a hint of vintage.

At first glance, many will be reminded of its big brother, the Black Bay 58. Indeed, they do share a black dial, yet differences always hide in the details. The bezel does not have the minute marks which are generally characteristic for divers’ watches.

The winding crown is smaller, which suits the slim case. It measures only 11.24mm in height and can easily hide under the shirt cuff due to the smaller case. The right proportions and simple aesthetics help conjure up a feeling of the past clad in a modern disguise.

As becomes the true divers’ watch, you can dive with it up to a depth of 200 metres. This is no small thing, since it is rare among timepieces of smaller size. The strap boasts the Tudor T-fit clasp that provides fast adjustment for perfect comfort.

The watch runs on house movement Calibre MT5400.


Refreshment for the Tested Black Bay

The Black Bay Line was first presented by Tudor well over a decade ago. It became synonymous with the brand and gained merit as a quality and tested timepiece. This time it returns with a new image with a black dial and recognisable bezel in Bordeaux red.

In its heart beats a MT5602-U caliber with 70-hour power reserve, so you can leave it at home worry-free for the entire weekend. This time Tudor took a step further and certified the watch at the METAS Institute. While the COSC certificate assures the movement precision, METAS means that the entire watch was tested for waterproofness, magnetism, power reserve, and precision. 

They continue with the 41mm case that is slightly thinner in the new variant. A rose is found on the crown, which is a historical symbol of the brand. You can choose from two metal bracelets and a rubber strap.

Black Bay GMT with Polar White Dial

This popular timepiece that boasts the function of a three-time-zone display is ready for new adventures. The black dial is joined by a new one, polar white. The Swiss manufacturer called it “opaline”, which indicates that it is not completely white.

The dial is galvanised giving it a matted shiny look and silver hint. The watch continues to boast its legendary Pepsi bezel.

In-House Movement for the Entire Black Bay Line

The basic Black Bay Collection in sizes of 31, 36, 39, and 41mm also got its due attention. Fans of Tudor timepieces will be glad to see that refreshed models now include the house movement with the COSC certificate. The next novelty is a bracelet with five central links and the Tudor T-fit clasp. Thus, the basic model now enjoys all the features of the higher rank timepieces. 

The watches are available with dials in black, blue, and light champagne colours, which give off a shiny visual effect under different angles. A great selection of sizes and the timeless design make it appropriate for any occasion.

Tudor Royal in Warm Colours

The background of the Black Bay Collection hides another great ace of the Swiss brand from Geneva. For those who seek slightly more elegant and less sporty timepieces, the Tudor Line is the right fit. It is now available in the so-called salmon colour that holds a special place in the hearts of horology fans.

It is neither pink, orange, nor bronze, but somewhere in between. And that is why it thrills. With the combination of gold and steel, you can also opt for a chocolate brown dial.