Malalan Jewelry

Jewelry Shaped by Stories

Stories not necessarily of fiction but those real-life ones written by us, people from the real world: from the birth of a child and his or her first words, high school or university graduation, the first job or major business success, to a wedding and many other memories that make life not only beautiful but also unique and special.

Nowadays, many ladies find themselves facing a dilemma because decades of wear have made grandmother’s ring almost unrecognizable, one of her earrings got broken or even lost, her jewelry box includes only a pendant but not the matching chain, or simply because her grandmother’s string of pearls just isn’t her taste. Thus, it can happen that the jewels remain neglected for years and years; or, we can let master jewelers do their magic by giving them a new lease of life, either by restoration, redesign or even by using them as the basis for new pieces, which despite a contemporary appearance interweave the memories and values of your family.

Extremely tarnished gold pieces can be restored to their original shine or their elements used as the basis for the design of new jewelry: an earring missing its partner can be reshaped into a pendant, a pendant lacking a chain can get one or can be remade into a brooch. A torn string of pearls can be restrung or used as the basis for a pair of earrings, a ring, and a bracelet that will serve the contemporary woman as everyday or slightly more prestigious jewelry for special occasions. The team of designers and jewelers at Draguljarna Malalan will be happy to weave your family stories into jewelry that will bring happiness to future generations.

We are proud to have been forging your dreams into eternity for nearly seven decades: for 25 years in Ljubljana, and since 2016 also in Zagreb.
Stories of successive generations are also embedded in the family jewelry, which could be designed around the family coat-of-arms, a special gemstone or simply the fact that it was given by the grandfather to the grandmother when he asked her to marry him decades ago.

If you’re only just starting your own family tradition, we will be pleased to make you jewelry that will remind you of the best moments of your life: brides-to-be can be presented with unique engagement rings, which are later supplemented by custom made wedding rings and matching jewelry for the couple: the bride and the groom. For this purpose, we acquire precious stones completely matching your wishes or even use the precious stones from the existing family collection. When a child is born, we design necklaces or bracelets intertwining the letters of the baby’s name, or the name can be engraved on custom-made cuff links, or even earrings and brooches.

The combination of mastery of the latest technology and ancient craftsmanship techniques of jewelry-making enables us to participate in success stories in the business world: many companies decide to give our pieces to their employees or business partners upon special occasions or achievements: by engraving we personalize fine pens or the case-backs of watches, we design custom-made tiepins, cuff links, business card cases and much more.

We are proud to have been forging your dreams for eternity for nearly seven decades: for 25 years in Ljubljana, and since 2016 also in Zagreb. Our master team of designers and jewelers will be delighted to embody your idea first in the shape of a sketch, followed by a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry under the trademark of Draguljarna Malalan: this guarantees the uniqueness of design, material of ethical origin, and above all the highest quality of craftsmanship.