Tjaša Malalan

The Ring: A Symbol of Love and Affection

Tjaša Malalan
People have always shown their affection in different ways – with poetry, paintings and sculptures, or by gifting different presents in the shape of bouquets, trinkets or even jewelry. By giving presents, we win favours, apologize and, of course – we propose.

Showing affection is something that is not characteristic only of people – it is also present in the animal kingdom, with penguins. When the male falls in love, he embarks on several long marches along the beach, searching for the most beautiful pebble, to prove his love for the chosen one. After searching for several days, he presents the small piece of nature to the female, hoping that she will accept his love and spend the rest of her life with him – just like the man, who, along with this important question, presents his dearest with the often secretly, but extremely meticulously chosen engagement ring.

He gives it to her during a special occasion, asking her to marry him. The future bride wears the ring until the wedding day, but before that, there is the mutual selection or even design of the most important – unique pair of wedding rings.

Before the discovery of medical science, people believed that the ‘vein of love’ – Vena amoris in Latin – ran from the fourth finger and all the way into the heart.

Some years ago, they found a ring, which was made 2500 years ago; due to the inscription, engraved on the inside – “My darling” – it is believed to be the oldest preserved engagement ring.
If the engagement ring is decorated by one, larger stone, it is called a solitaire. A very popular women’s wedding ring is called an infinity ring , it is set with diamonds all along the band.

Since the wedding and the engagement ring are nowadays commonly worn on the same hand, we often recommend a classic solitaire for the engagement present. It will fit the wedding ring in any case.

Love stories are extremely important also for the Malalan Jewelry atelier. For generations, we have been taking a passionate care so that the events which mark your life do not get lost in the course of time: we embody special moments with precious metals and precious stones, capturing them in eternity. Together with you, we mould each of the stories into unique pieces of jewelry that represent unrepeatable pieces of history and start new family heritage stories or in a special way enrich the ones begun with pride by the parents of your parents.