Nejc Puš

Colours of her Stories

Nejc Puš
Once in a while, I take some time off only for myself. At home, I find a bright and comfortable spot and just let my mind wander wherever the wind of the world’s energy might take it that day. It’s not often that I let life run its course by coincidence; still, such moments are meant only for me and it is coincidences which make them so unique. It may well happen that my thoughts fly me to the centre of Paris where, accompanied by the lovely sounds of the blues, I get to develop one of literary classics in my own specific way and make it develop right in front of me just as I feel like it on that day. 
These little trips to all corners of the world, time frames, and made-up situations are my meditation. Frequently, upon one of such little getaways, I find myself almost subconsciously putting together for my script an unexpected colour palette of colourful gems on my hands and it surprises me time and again what power all these exceptional colours have. 
Pomellato Nudo
They can calm me down completely, encourage me to be creative, or awaken me from my daydreaming and bring me back to reality and among friends.