Blaž Abe

Tudor Ranger: Are You Ready for an Adventure?

Blaž Abe
The inspiration for the creation of the Tudor Ranger model reveals a view into the past. This is a watch made for explorers and adventurers. Exactly 70 years ago, the British expedition to Northern Greenland started, a two-year scientific mission to study ice sheets, but which also had another purpose.

The Swiss watchmaking house Tudor asked the participating scientists and sailors to wear the Tudor Oyster Prince watch in extreme conditions and record its functioning.

The Birth of an Adventurer’s Soul

This was the first test of the brand in which experts estimated the operation of timepieces in extreme conditions long-term. Tudor’s archives reveal that one of the expedition members wrote in his letter to the watchmaking house that the watch “retained exceptional precision” and that “it never needed to be wound manually”. Seven decades later, Tudor presents the refreshed Ranger model that still embodies the same exploring spirit as before.

As practically throughout their history, Tudor devoted their attention primarily to robustness and practicality when designing the Ranger watch.

A Compact and Robust Watch

The name Ranger was registered by the brand’s founder Hans Wilsdorf in 1929. At first, it denoted the adventuring spirit of different timepieces from the Tudor collection. The typical form featuring Arabic numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock appeared in the 1960s and it also distinguishes the new Ranger model.

As practically throughout their history, Tudor devoted their attention primarily to robustness and practicality when designing the Ranger watch. The functionality of the timepiece is accentuated by the 39-millimetre steel case and bracelet with a satin finish. A watchful eye can notice a historic influence on the dial: hour indices are coated with a beige luminescence. The latter creates a perfect contrast with the matt black texture of the dial that matches the inscriptions and logo of the Tudor brand.


Burgundy Red Tip as the Icing on the Cake

As with the previous models, the hands have the typical shape of an arrow. While the hour and minute hands are rounded, the seconds hand distinguishes itself with a square element and a tip painted burgundy red. The watch runs on the Tudor house movement and its precision is guaranteed by the COSC certificate.

Owing to the 70-hour power reserve, if you wear the Ranger during the week and let it rest over the weekend, you’ll be able to put it back on your wrist on Monday without winding it.


A Strap for any Occasion

Due to their comfort and quality, Tudor is renowned for its straps made of textile. The Ranger model has an olive-green strap with two red stripes complimented with the beige colour in the middle.

Also available is a strap in a combination of natural rubber and black leather. The third option is a metal bracelet with the Tudor T-fit technology.