Blaž Abe

Tudor Remains Loyal to Classical Sophistication

Blaž Abe
Adventurers by nature or at heart have a new reason to rejoice. New models in Tudor’s collection continue to pave the road mapped out by the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, just short of a century ago.

Tudor excellently builds on the Black Bay Collection and doesn’t stop at innovativeness. With the right measure of robustness and sophistication it persistently follows the success of its big brother.

The new Black Bay Pro

During the presentation of new models, the brand-new Black Bay Pro model commanded the most attention. It is a technical watch that thanks to the GMT function offers the reading of time in several time zones. The case size is a compact 39 millimetres, while the watch’s adventurous spirit is expressed by the GMT hand clad in orange.

The Black Bay Pro has a Tudor T-fit clasp on the bracelet which swiftly ensures comfortable wear and adjustment of up to 8 millimetres. In its form, the winding crown nears technical models from the past and enables a better grip.


Steel and Gold: Black Bay GMT S&G and Black Bay Chronograph S&G

Special attention was also devoted to their first watch with a multi-zone function, presented four years ago. The new Black Bay GMT S&G is composed of warmer colours and a pinch of nostalgia. Technically speaking, this is still the popular and renowned model Black Bay Heritage GMT, while the main difference is revealed in the use of yellow gold for the case and bracelet.

The combination of blue and red on the bezel was replaced by black and brown which bring in pleasant warmth. Both the hour markers and all hands, synchronous with the timepiece’s design, acquired golden edge accents.

Tudor’s chronograph, available under the name Black Bay Chrono S&G, also got a gold makeover. Hence, yet another in the series of Tudor’s success stories will get to live in its full shine. You can choose between the dial in the colour of champagne or in glazed matte black. Stopwatch pushers are also dressed in yellow gold. 

Tudor Black Bay 32 / 36 / 41

Until now the Tudor Black Bay was considered to be the most basic model in the collection of the same name. However, the new Black Bay S&G Collection elevates this model to a whole different level. The combination of stainless steel and gold was indeed offered three years ago; nevertheless, today this is not only a stylish makeover but a renovation of the watch on several levels.

The use of the house movement testifies to the fact that Tudor means business with the Black Bay Collection, which is now available in three sizes and for all Black Bay models. You can also choose between new shapes of dials with added motifs and a diamond-set bezel. The bracelet uses the Tudor T-fit technology and has a convex Tudor shield on the rivet. The winding crown was also given a new form which expresses the attractiveness of the timepiece.


Tudor Royal: Acquiring Refined Lines

The brand’s latest collection, Tudor Royal, is also acquiring refined lines. Its image is reflected in the sporty elegance of the integrated bracelet. The refreshment of the line is noticed primarily on the bezel where instead of the grooved form we find diamonds for a more classic and sophisticated appearance. Available in stainless steel and yellow gold and the size of 28 millimetres.