Tudor pop-up in Mali Lošinj and Opatija


The Tudor watch brand is originally from Geneva, but its home lies at sea. Throughout its rich history, the company has manufactured dive watches for various navies, while nowadays it keeps the prestige company of the fastest sailboats on the planet at America’s Cup.

The shield of the classic Swiss watchmaking shall add a little excitement during the sunny days for all who should find themselves in the first half of August on the Croatian island of Mali Lošinj or in the small town of Opatija on the Croatian North Littoral during the second half of August.

Hotel Milenij, Opatija

22.8.2023 to 3.9.2023 

8:00 - 12:00 | 17:00 - 21:00


Tudor – the shield of Swiss watchmaking

Mechanical timepieces with complete aesthetics, proven reliability and a unique price/quality ratio are what make this Swiss watchmaker different from others. Their journey began almost a century ago when the founder of the watchmaker Rolex registered the Tudor brand.

Two decades later, he began manufacturing mechanic timepieces under the same name that were as reliable and accurate as the well-known Rolex watches of the time, while these could be bought at a more reasonable price.

Over the decades, Tudor watches established themselves precisely due to their robustness and reasonable price, while from the very start being companions to the boldest of explorers on their wrists, both on land and underwater, and even on ice.

Nowadays they are known primarily for their Pelagos, Black Bay1926, and Royal collections, while every year we admire them ever more due to their extremely reliable and robust proprietary mechanisms.

By and large, watches that are accurate and adequately resistant to external conditions can be found on the wrists of those who are the boldest. Tudor watches have been perfectly meeting these conditions since the middle of the 20th century.

A watch for the divers and yachtsmen

By and large, watches that are accurate and adequately resistant to external conditions can be found on the wrists of those who are the boldest. Tudor watches have been perfectly meeting these conditions since the middle of the 20th century when the model Oyster Prince Submariner was supplied to the French navy.

Over more than half a century, Oyster Prince Submariner has “grown” into the Tudor Black Bay collection as the faithful companion of divers, thus establishing the Tudor Pelagos collection on the market.


Great burdens do not only come as the consequence of the depths of the sea but rather also occur during very intense sailing. When the Swiss Alinghi announced to the Société Nautique de Genève Association in 2021 that, following a decade of pause, their sailing team will return to the prestigious America’s Cup competition series in collaboration with Red Bull, the Tudor brand also joined as the main partner of the team.

The completely Swiss team, in addition to the fully Swiss-made vessel, now measures the time by using Swiss mechanical timepieces and this year, Tudor has presented the special edition of the Pelagos FXD watch in collaboration with the team.


Hotel Bellevue, Mali Lošinj

Minimalist bright lines of the exterior of the Bellevue Hotel building are in stark contrast to what this prestigious edifice offers in its interior. A large and luxuriously furnished atrium with a unique airy feel and ambience fascinates from the very moment one enters. During the first half of August 2023, these premises shall be enriched by a special guest – the Tudor Pop-Up Shop.

From 7.8.2023 to 20.8.2023 | Every day 8:00 - 12:00 | 17:00 - 21:00

Hotel Bellevue Mali Lošinj


Hotel Milenij, Opatija

The Amadria Park Group is a family company that has grown into a prestigious chain of hotels through more than a century of doing business. The Habsburg villa with the most beautiful terrace in Opatija has been transformed into a marvellous five-star hotel in 2000. Attentive restoration of the historically rich building has preserved the external appearance of Habsburg architecture and not only has it returned but it has also built upon its former brilliance.

Nowadays, Amadria Group comprises 12 hotels in Opatija, Šibenik, and Zagreb. The second half of August will also be a special time in Opatija due to Hotel Milenij playing the host to one of the more important partners of Draguljarna Malalan, the Tudor watchmaker. The summer Pop-Up Shop can be visited between 22. August and 3. September 2023.

From 22.8.2033 to 3.9.2023 | 8:00 - 12:00 | 17:00 - 21:00

Hotel Milenij Opatija


The essence of the history of the Malalan family does not lie in the fact that the company has grown from a rearranged shed into the leading watchmaking and jewellery-making brand in Slovenia and Croatia, but rather it lies in the fact that it has been written by the authenticity of three generations and their strong connection. What Anton Malalan started in 1949 already foretold of a strong commitment to family tradition, even in the early years. Today, Draguljarna Malalan, under the leadership of Peter Malalan, operates in Ljubljana and Zagreb.

It has been over half a decade since Draguljarna Malalan started co-creating the city hustle and bustle in the centre of the Croatian capital, Zagreb. Our wide selection and spacious premises have set a new standard for the presentation of wristwatches and jewellery, which is reflected primarily through the fact that the list of names who trust us keeps getting longer. Soon after the opening of our store at Evropski trg in Zagreb, we were joined by the crown of Swiss watch-making, Rolex, and now we also represent Tudor, BreitlingCartierPomellatoFOPEMarco Bicego, and DoDo.