FOPE – Italian to the core

Italy is a treasure trove of tradition, art, architecture, music, and all in all also of jewellery craft. It represents the world centre of design and manufacturing of various decorations; over 10,000 companies all over the country process several hundred tons of precious metals annually which is then in the shape of beautiful jewellery offered to art lovers at home and abroad.

One of the three Italian jewellery centres is Vicenza, the city where jewellery is created by the elite of craftsmen shaping precious metals and precious stones. The jewellery house Fope started its tradition at the beginning of the 20th century in this idyllic city which was marked by the architecture of the maestro Andrea Palladio. 

FOPE - A Family Business

The Cazzola family made jewellery and wrist watch casings for other companies in its own goldsmith workshop until the 1980s when their very first brand line was introduced: gold chains Novecento. Twenty years later, at the start of the new millennium, the story of a new tradition started to be written by the independent brand – Fope.

During the last decades Fope has climbed to the top of the world precious metals design mastery by its unique interlacement of tradition and high technology revealed through each and every piece signed by Fope. Flexible chains, made entirely in their workshop in Vicenza, which present the design motif for all of their collections, have remained Fope’s symbol until this day. The invention of a truly special system of chain assembling, called Flex’it, goes back to the previous century when it was invented by Umberto Cazzola.

The product design is perfectly rational and made in close cooperation between the designers and engineers. 
Fope Panorama
Fope Flexible Rings
Today Fope is considered to be an exceptionally innovative jewellery house which makes its jewellery at a technologically enviable level while still remaining true to the four-generation heritage of goldsmith mastery.

A Special Approach to Manufacturing

Unique jewellery demands a special approach to the design as well as the manufacturing. Fope’s high-technology manufacture in Vicenza resembles those making prestigious wrist watches in neighbouring Switzerland.

The product design is perfectly rational and made in close cooperation between the designers and engineers. Their task is not only the design of exceptional pieces of jewellery; parallel to that they also design all the necessary tools and machines necessary to make the jewellery.

A significant part of production facilities is dedicated to the development of new tools and improvement of the existing ones and it is run by the owner of the jewellery house, a representative of the third-generation of Fope jewellers: Umberto Cazzola who is not the only one of the family in this exceptional company.

FOPE Panorama

The making of chains, carried out in several phases, is truly unique. Due to the fact that Fope considers its own production to be of immense importance, it is easily followed when walking through the production facility: in the foundry rough gold is cast into a few millimetres thick strip which is later on thinned on special cylinders.

This is followed by forging which releases internal tensions in the extremely thin strip and hardens it. Several meters long strips then run through a press which makes the basis for the typical Fope chain. Aided by a special device, link after link, spring after spring, several meters long chains are assembled manually. 

FOPE Essentials

The FOPE Woman

Women who wear Fope jewellery have a lot in common with those who shape the image of jewellers in Vicenza: they are modern and elegant and, above all, appreciate art. 

Fope’s strong attachment to classic design approach, yet simultaneous openness to new ideas are revealed through the rich collection assortment of various price ranges. Due to their flexible design in soft lines Fope’s jewellery is exceptionally wearable, while different pieces can be perfectly combined. Jewels of contemporary design in white, yellow, and red gold are appropriate for any occasion and can be diversified by various accessories decorated with diamonds.

FOPE Prima

The Success of FOPE

The basis of Fope’s success is beyond doubt their 86 years of innovations on both, technical and designer fields, and the fact that the company has been run by the Cazzola family all from its beginnings. Almost a century of passionate work done by four generations carried the name Fope into the world as a synonym of timeless classical perfection and created an assortment of exceptional jewels suited to every occasion and mood.

The family-run jewellery store Malalan, as the Slovenian representative of Fope jewellery, shares more than just a point of sale with the masters from Vicenza. A strong commitment to family tradition, uncompromising quality of service, and passion for beauty are the values which combined tell the story of craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation uniqueness.

FOPE Essentials