NOMOS Glashütte

Independent, Perfected in Design, Accessible in Price

NOMOS Glashütte
When the mines in the German land of Saxony started running short of copper and silver ores in the late 19th century, its inhabitants gradually started living in difficult circumstances. The king Frederick Augustus II could not afford to leave an entire land hungry, so he decided to transform mine workers into watch makers. In his efforts he was aided by the master watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange, who, following the Swiss example of dividing specialised work, slowly trained the men and established several different workshops for the manufacturing of watchmaking tools, dials, hands, and cases.

Almost two centuries later, the village of Glashütte is considered both the main centre of the German and one of the centres of world watchmaking, and that is also where the new brand in our selection comes from: Nomos Glashütte.

NOMOS Glashütte Watches in this article

Swiss made

The label “Swiss made” is of truly great significance for the Swiss watchmaking industry since it can only be used by those companies which make more than one half of the wristwatch’s movements in Switzerland, assemble it in Switzerland, and perform the final quality inspection there. In Germany, the same standard is demanded for the use of the name Glashütte, but which is greatly surpassed by Nomos; they make more than 95% of the component parts for their movements in their own workshops which are supplemented with elements typical for German watchmaking.


Untouchable Quality

In the three decades of their operation, the name Nomos has been established as the biggest manufacturer of wristwatches in Germany. They develop practically all of their movements themselves and mostly manually manufacture them in the area of Glashütte village. The entire escapement is also the result of their own development and production and was introduced in 2014 thus achieving total independence from external producers and ensuring their advantage through the fact that the quality and accessible price of the Nomos wristwatches cannot be influenced by any supplier.

For Nomos, the counterweight to the traditional approach to the manufacturing of wristwatches is the contemporary design note of their timepieces which is intentionally moved to a less traditional environment: their design studio is located in Berlin, which is considered to be the creative capital of Germany. For various projects the permanent team of the Nomos design studio is joined by the biggest world designers, who continuously reinterpret today’s characteristic German note of the Bauhaus design movement through new approaches. This is totally embodied in the most important collection of the Nomos brand: the Tangente.

Nomos makes more than 95% of the component parts for their movements in their own workshops which are supplemented with elements typical for German watchmaking.

Tangente: A Round Watch with Many Right Angles

With the purified and harmonious lines of the case, 5 hour markers in the Bauhaus typeface, and typical hands, the Tangente has been considered the symbol of the Nomos watchmaking house for the last 25 years, which is proven by several watchmaking and design awards.

Their wide selection of dials, materials, and complications suits each and every temperament, and the dimensions of their wristwatches with diameters between 33 and 41 millimetres blend with every wrist.

Metro: A Tool for Measuring Time

If the Tangente Collection in its modern form flirts with the past, it is the aesthetics of the Metro Collection that is directed more towards the future than anchored in the present and thus portrays the passing of time with timeless details in the most contemporary light possible. The hands resemble the Empire State Building in New York, while the winding crown seeks its inspiration in traditional handles of watchmaking tools.

Designer Mark Braun furnished the dial of the first watch from the Metro Collection with the power reserve indicator, a big window for date display, and delicate details in red and menthe colours which, in combination with very simple bracelet lugs, gives the timeless Metro Collection that playful note so typical for the Nomos brand.

NOMOS Club: Ideal Watches for Every Day

Both the Tangente and the Metro are generally everyday watches, although design-wise they move in the more elegant hemisphere of the watchmaking world. Their antithesis is the Club Collection, the sporty nature and robust case of which hints that it belongs as much on the wrist in the conference room as it does on the dancefloor or during outdoor exercise.

The Campus and Aqua series exchange Roman and Arabic numerals as a distinguishable design element on the dials, the Super-LumiNova coating on which enables excellent readability in the dark. In addition to its attractive appearance, the Club Collection is marked by waterproofness to 100m and a wonderful price for a hand-made mechanical timepiece: it starts at €1,080 and makes a beautiful gift on completion of high school or upon graduation.